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D'Load Size
D'Load Speed kbps
No of Bits
One MiB unit

equates to 220
1,048,576 bytes
0 Day(s)
0 Hours
0 Mins
0 Secs
(c) Copyright        J.Hudson   2006

This calculator caters for the IEC standard prefixes for binary sizes introduced in 1999. The data transfers can be specified
in either the 1024 byte 'k' as well as the 1000 byte variant. This approach has been adopted as most (if not all) router manufacturers
use 106 (1,000,000) as the size of a 'mega byte' rather than 220 (1048576). However, as Zen use the 220 version when describing data
allowances etc, I have catered for both variants. Please note that, as far as I am aware, all ISPs and router manufacturers use a
1000 byte 'k' when referring to kbps speeds so that is the only variant offered for down load speed.

More information about the standards can be found here:

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John Hudson