LCD and PICs

This purpose of the site is to provide information about LCD displays, both character based and graphical types. It is hoped that over the next few week (months?) that it will be updated to hold an extensive set of links to other sites containing information about LCDs, both the use and supply. The aim is that the site should become the 'one-stop' location for finding out where to go to get the information that you require.

Additionally it will contain details of the LCD related projects that I have designed and built including schematics and object/hex code free of charge. Some, if not all, of the projects will utilise PICs to act as the controller for the display. The first such project is 'PEPTU LCD' which is a design that converts a standard parallel (cheap) LCD into a USB connected device. More details can be found by selecting Projects on the menu.

Having said that most projects will involve the use of PICs details can also be found on the projects menu of a graphics display that is used to monitor various system parametes such as temperature, fan speed, voltages etc on networked but dispersed systems (I have 4 systems scattered around the house and wanted to be able to monitor them all from one central location). To facilitate this I have used LCDHype ( together with a VB6 application that uses TCP/IP to link the dispersed systems to the LCDHype 'server'. For more details see the Remote Monitor project.

If you know of a location that is not covered on the site links please send me an email containing the URL and a description of the site and I will try to place the link as soon as is possible.