U3A Intermediate Computing Information

This site has been provided as a means of communication with those people attending my intermediate computing class.
Its prime purpose is to convey information about the topics to be covered including the date(s) when each session will occur.

All new or changed items (menus, documents or text) will be signified by the use of a red font.

The site will also provide a download capability so that attendees of the course can download any necessary files.

The topics to be covered are:-

Know Your System
Web Browsing
Word Processing
- Email
- Photos
- Spreadsheets
- Slide Shows
- Malware
- Security
- Selecting Firewall and AntiVirus Products
- Software Install/Remove
- System Speed Up
- Networking Laptop & Desktop Systems
The above are in the order in which they will be covered.

The topic to be covered in the next session (30/01/2009) will be "Word Processing 3."

There is one new download this week - 25/1/2009!